What Makes This High Performance Air Filter Company So Popular World Wide?

When you want your engine to run at peak performance, you need to feed it everything it needs to do just that. Of course that takes fuel but it also takes air… the more air you send to your engine, the better that fuel burns. If you could send unrestricted air to your engine, that would be great. But the road is full of dirt and debris that could harm the engine. Air filters do just that: filter out the dirt and send clean air to your engine.

K&N Filters So Your Engine Runs Better

That’s why K&N Filters are an important part of any performance vehicle, or any truck or car you’d like to see run better. They filter out the dirt and send lots of clean air to your engine. Their high flow air filters are made to increase horsepower and torque so your acceleration improves as well.

What’s more, K&N Filters are reusable. They’re made of oiled cotton, which can be washed for re-use. That’s great for your wallet and great for the environment, too. Plus, the design of K&N Filters is such that they’re able to filter incoming air so dirt and debris does not enter your intake system, but air is almost unrestricted, as if you had no filter at all! More air means better efficiency, too… also good for the environment!

K&N Filters do such a good job of filtering air that goes to your engine, that they can actually prolong the life of your engine. That’s right: if your engine is trying to burn dirty air, that means dirt particles are entering your engine’s inner workings. Whenever that happens, it means bad things for your engine. Eventually after you get too much unfiltered air in there, things can get pretty gummed up and not only decrease the efficiency of your engine but also start to cause real problems after a while. Performance drivers are well aware of the necessity of a good air filter but this philosophy really goes for any car or truck driver that care about his or her vehicle.

The secret to K&N Filters is layer up on layer of cotton. The layers of cotton are separated by aluminum mesh. The material is important but the shape is important too. The unique accordion design is then oiled for extra filtration and voila: you’ve got the best air filters on the market. K&N Filters makes air filters for:

Heavy Duty diesel vehicles
Industrial applications/small engines
Racing vehicles

The Jaguar XJR Is The Best Buy Performance Car Of The Last 15 Years

The Jaguar XJR, especially 1997-2003, is the best performance car value on the market today. On the private, secondary market, cars in good condition can be had for well below comparative market value. What makes the Jaguar XJR an exceptional deal is the same thing that has made Jaguar incomparable- the mystique, the level of class and luxury and an intangible quality that has no rival on the used car market.

Putting those intangibles aside, look at performance first. The Jaguar XJ sedan was the unchallenged fastest 4 door sedan in the world for years, but recently, the XJR raised the bar and forced BMW and Mercedes to step up their game. Today, the Jaguar XJR is still in the top ten, posting 0-60 times of 5.3 seconds and the current generation can do it in 4.7 seconds. To be in the top ten in anything is noteworthy, to do it in one of the most competitive market segments of production cars going up against the best in the world is quite another. A second generation Jaguar XJR can cover the quarter mile in mid 13′s stock, easily slipping into the 12′s with minor bolt on goodies. That’s quick, ask Mr. Corvette. The Jaguar XJR gets that performance from a brilliant 4.0 to 4.2 liter, all aluminum, 32 valve V8, supercharged to produce 370-400hp and more than 380ft lbs of torque. Weighing in at just under 4,000lbs that much power can only be described as grinning, good fun.

Performance might be what gets your attention, but to hold the title of ‘Best Of’ anything requires a satisfactory running cost to go along with it. Today’s performance automotive consumer will accept nothing less and it is here that the Jaguar XJR defies logic. Logic because if you ask anyone about Jaguars, two things will pass their lips; beautiful cars, hope you can keep it running. Surprisingly, Jaguars have been ranked in the top 5-6 by J.D. Power and Associates year after year for reliability. Yep, the old man down the street who you see constantly fiddling with his gorgeous Jaguar to keep it running would never believe these are the same cars. Truth be told, they aren’t the same because Ford bought Jaguar in 1989 and they have thrown all of their resources at making the Jaguar extremely reliable. Ford has done an outstanding job. However, it tends to be European performance cars in general that require perspective buyers to pay attention to 3 critical things;

1. Timing chains or tensioners- common with all multi-valve, overhead motors

2. Water pumps and thermostats- European cars rev more that American counterparts so they tend to wear quicker

3. Nikasil cylinders- only tends to be an issue infrequently, but the gas you use is a major factor, use the best, the cars deserve it.

Even today, with the facts in and tallied, the Jaguar XJR seems to be the forgotten of the lot when it comes to performance cars but some of this may be due to the fact that the Jaguar brand has never been about being ostentatious, rather as the founder Mr.Lyons would say, “Grace, Pace and Space.” Speaking of space, one of the knocks on the XJ and XJR has always been about the lack of rear passenger room. It’s a valid concern, but if you’re looking for express transit for 5 adults or more, get a Porsche Cayenne. However, kids make the best gigglers anyway and to this end, the Jaguar XJR will suit the purpose like no other because of it’s stealth quality avoiding ‘black and white’ attention which can be embarrassing to explain to the kids.

In closing, the point is, if you are in the market for a high performance sedan, the Jaguar XJR is a car that not only should not be ignored, but should be put at the top of your list and compared all others to it. The Jaguar XJR in any pound for pound, dollar for dollar comparison, will come out on top. Buy now before the rest of the market figures it out.

Subaru Performance Parts

Subaru was an aircraft manufacturer in the early 1900s and worked its way into the automobile industry by the 1950s under the Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd banner. Subaru was named after the Pleiades star cluster; in fact Subaru is the Japanese translation of that word and their logo, the six stars, are directly taken from the cluster itself. After the Subaru “boxer engine” was first brought out in the 1960s the interest in the Subaru as a racing platform began to gain stream. Subaru performance parts began to show up in many automotive specialty stores.

As Subaru began to become more mainstream, the demand for Subaru performance parts began to increase, particularly with the GT, SVX and Impreza models introduced in the late 80s and early 90s. It was also during this time that Subaru was pushing their 4WD (Four wheel drive) and eventually AWD (All Wheel Drive) solutions. Subaru has especially been involved with Rally Racing in the motorsports world. The Subaru Rally Team Japan first raced in the World Rally championship in 1980. The most popular Subaru vehicle for racing modification is the WRX (STi and Impreza). Previously the Subaru Legacy also made heavy use of Subaru performance racing parts.

WRX Performance Racing Parts

By far the most popular Subaru performance parts are WRX performance racing products, which includes WRX STi performance racing parts and accessories. Though a model of Impreza (hence searching for Impreza performance racing parts is sometimes beneficial), this vehicle is usually simply called WRX. The WRX is a flagship of the Subaru brand and takes of the technologies they have made, developed and refined over the years combined them into one vehicle. The WRX is a turbo-charged, all wheel drive, four-door passenger vehicle that is often modified and tuned for racing. This version of the Impreza has been on the market since 1992. WRX performance racing parts will be available at all the best shops that carry performance automotive products.

WRX STI Performance Racing Parts

The WRX STI (formerly WRX STi) is a variant of the Subaru Impreza WRX, known as the highest standard-edition trim. The STI now stands as the high-performance consumer version of the WRX and keeps the turbocharged boxer engine and all-wheel drive features. The Subaru World Rally Team currently uses a specially tuned version using WRX STI performance racing products, including racing parts, special tuning and tweaked engines.

Subaru Performance Parts

Most performance auto shops will have parts for multiple models of Subaru vehicles. This means you can find WRX performance parts, Impreza performance parts for older models and all kinds of parts and accessories for Subaru Legacy, Forester and Outback models. Parts will include Impreza racing parts, WRX turbochargers, WRX STI intercoolers and general Subaru turbo kits. When tuning your vehicle for rally racing, there are much different guidelines for your vehicle than what is considered street-legal. If you have questions about what is allowed for tuning your specific vehicle, and what the best parts are for the job you’re doing, consult with a performance auto parts shop to get all the information that you need

Battery Chargers: High Performance Chargers

Nowadays people love to own a car that is available with high performance automotive components. These modern cars are equipped with low maintenance chargers that requires none or very little electrolytes topping. This is a clear example of highly advanced automotive technology. The alternators manufactured with this technology make sure that the battery is free from abnormal voltage thus produce high performance. The sequence chargers that one uses in their workshop are required to be very flexible. The versatility offered will ensure that the life of the battery is not very short and there is no any defective process.

The main problem that the user may encountered with sealed strings of maintenance free battery is “gassing”. This problem occurs when the electrolyte is lost that is the result of too elevated charge. The battery chargers are designed to cope up with these sealed batteries that are also called as automotive. These battery chargers cut off the electrical energy between 13.8v and 14.5v in order to prevent the problem of gassing. An automotive battery supplies the electric energy to a car that makes it able to operate. Usually, these batteries are referred as lighting, starting and ignition batteries that is used to provide power to the starter.

The process includes certain chemical reactions that results in releasing electrons, they goes through the conductors and generate electricity. The acid reacts with the plate’s material, being a result of battery discharge. This reaction of certain chemicals is reversed after the battery is charged. The process gets repeated when the plates are restored in their normal condition. The car batteries require regular replacement of water that is lost due to charging cycle. Now very high end designs are available with very less requirement of maintenance. These batteries include electrolytes in some extra quantity that helps in increasing the life of the battery. Any additives or impurities are added to the water it reduces the battery life and its performance. Manufacturers recommend distilled or dematerialized water.

The car batteries must be carefully monitored and charged periodically in order to retain its capacity. While storage it must be charged properly, cleaned up for any corrosion and stored in a dry cool environment. The extreme temperature may increase the rate of self discharge and plate corrosion. The car batteries must be installed within the recommended date by the manufacturer. The date may be printed on in a plain text in an alphanumerical code.

The automotive chargers keep the battery permanently connected when it is required. These automotive chargers are design to provide high functionality thus trusted by many car manufacturers. The chargers are featured with reverse polarity that too with built in protection cut out. These are supplied with a straight cable length. There are certain manufacturers who produce the charger able to fit in the engine compartment by plugging it when required. From 1997, the calcium batteries start being fitted to automobiles with SMART system of charging. It is very necessary to find correct battery replacement to avoid any kind of damage.